Change – and a New Technology to Support You in Your Journey

Therapy is, essentially, about change. And change isn’t something that comes easy to most of us.

We often respond to situations influenced by thinking errors we are not aware of. We become accustomed to, and stuck in, a way of thinking or certain behaviours because to us they make sense, they make us feel safe, and, most importantly, they seem to work.  There’s therefore very little reason for us to change – why fix what ain’t broke?

Becoming aware of such patterns and learning how to change them therefore requires the motivation and confidence to do so – and practice.

A lot of that happens outside the therapy session and is frequently referred to as “homework”, something that is prone to raise resistance or anxiety in clients. Traditional tools like thought sheets are also often impractical – who will want to pull out a sheet of paper to jot down their thoughts and feelings in the midst of a social situation?

However, there is technology available that enables clients to do just that, and more, quickly and inconspicuously, without paperwork.

Crossroad Counselling & Psychotherapy is currently offering our clients the opportunity to enhance their therapy with the help of Siario’s technology (

Clients can track their mood or anxiety, log and challenge their thoughts in particular situations and observe the associated emotions. They can identify and modify beliefs, and explore reasons for and against changing along with the ability to access helpful resources – all conveniently on their smartphone or tablet. At the click of a button they can submit exercises to their therapist before their next session. All resources and exercises can be tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Use the form on the right to contact us or give us a call if you are interested in trying it out!

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